Armlocks - 85 Ways to Gain the Upper Hand in Martial Arts

armlocksImmobilize your opponents and gain complete control with over 80 different moves in this amazing resource – a must-have for grapplers everywhere.

Steve Scott follows up his successful book Championship Sambo: Submission Holds and Groundfighting with this massive collection of armlocks. Teaching you techniques for jujitsu, judo, sambo and mixed martial arts, Scott gives you locks that apply to both gi and no-gi combat sports… allowing you to use them in a wide range of situations.

Breaking the locks into four categories (cross-body, bent, straight and armpit), he shows you in detail how to set-up and apply each for maximum potency. Those new to grappling will discover the core skills of applying armlocks, controlling your position and how to train yourself before stepping on to the mat.

In addition, you’ll also learn how to defend yourself from an opponent using common armlocks on you and how to leverage yourself for the best advantage.

Just some of the 85 armlocks you’ll learn include:

> The hip-roll cross-body armlock > The standing straight armlock > The leg-jam cross-body armlock > The arm-trap bent armlock and; > The kneeling straight armlock

They will call you a submission machine. Sparring partners will fear you, opponents will respect you. Use this power wisely!