Ernest C. Knight was born on Devil's Night (October 30) 1951 in Wyandotte, Michigan. Although Wyandotte is a suburb of Detroit, Mr. Knight points out that he was born closer to Amherstburg, Ontario (Canada) than he was to Detroit. He made his living as a technician in the electronics business for most of his life. In 1993, after suffering from sleep related problems since age six, he was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. In 1997, a near-fatal heart attack further complicated his livelihood. He decided to pursue his lifelong love of writing. His favorite comment on his life and career is: "My original educational endeavor was to become a Clinical Psychologist, until one day, it occurred to me that I NEEDED one more than I needed to BE one."


Ernie Knight has pioneered a style of illustrating that he and his publisher have coined "Virtual Reality Comic Art". This is done by means of painstaking computer compositing of actual photographs. The process is similar to Special Effects in movies, except that it is done with still photographs. It's a lucky thing that he came up with this process, too! He has often been quoted as saying, "When it comes to pencil sketching, I need a ruler and a bottle cap to draw a stick-man with any accuracy!"