Booga-Boo May Help Children

Did you know that almost all children experience a fear of the dark at some point in their childhood? According to child psychologists, fear of the dark is an extremely common fear in young children, but is also not unusual in older children and other family members as well, including adults. Phobias such as fear of the dark are not overcome by forcing a person to face their fear, but rather helping the person understand and cope with the fear. Booga-Boo is a children’s book written in a way it may help a child cope with such childhood fears as fear of the dark. Booga-Boo was not written with the intent to help children overcome fear, but to let them enjoy this fun and loveable story about little Jimmy and his new friend Booga-Boo - helping children cope with a fear of the dark or other childhood fears is simply a bonus.

Like many children, when little Jimmy goes to bed, his mother tucks him in, tells him goodnight, and then closes the door to his room. As the room becomes dark and Jimmy tries to go to sleep, he suddenly hears something. He finds himself anxious, but shows no fear of the dark, only a fearful curiosity of the strange sound coming from the dark. “Sha-beeg-aleeg-a-boogaloo”…“Sha-beeg-aleeg-a-boogaloo”…, Jimmy hears.

What comes next makes Booga-Boo a fun and memorable story the whole family will enjoy. This story may happen to help your child cope with a fear of the dark or other childhood fears, but Mommy and Daddy or Grandma and Grandpa will simply enjoy reading this story as much as your children will enjoy hearing it. If your child or the child of a friend or relative is experiencing childhood fears such as, fear of the dark, or other common childhood fears, let Booga-Boo try to help - who knows, they too, may learn to say, “sha-beeg-aleeg-a-boogaloo”. You may order the book below or sample the book by clicking on Booga-Boo’s picture.