Waiting For Mr. Right

About the Book

This book will encourage every Cinderella who longs to find her Prince Charming and live happily ever after. In The Parable, experience what happens when you invite God into your heart and let Him direct your life. Meet a young woman named Julia who shares an unforgettable story about a Mr. Wrong who almost destroyed her. See how God uses one small nugget of truth to rescue Julia from the dangers of living a lie and prepares her heart to eventually meet her Mr. Right.

Next read about the author and her daughter in A Covenant Promise. What they each experienced as young women testifies to a girl’s desire for a husband who will truly love her. Witness the heartbreak that follows getting impatient, and learn to tap into the blessings that are offered to those who wait on God for the right man. Discover how to believe your Heavenly Father for His promises, stand your ground, and see your fondest dreams come true.

About the Author

Barbara Precourt is a child of God, wife, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband, Roger, reside in the relatively small community of Valparaiso, Indiana, where they raised their two children, Lisa and Jeff. Her life is centered in her family, her church, and her husband’s insurance agency. Her writing reflects over thirty years of Bible study and teaching. Her interests include reading, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren.