Good Night God, Love Olivia

About The Book

This book was written from my heart, to my daughter Olivia. Her desire to say goodnight to God and the conversation that followed will lift your spirit and lighten your heart. The illustrations are as beautiful as the book itself. Beth Ann Mammola-Koravos

About The Author

Beth Ann Mammola-Koravos was born June 6, 1968. She spent her childhood in Milford, New Hampshire. She is the youngest of five girls and was raised by her mother. Her father died when she was very young. Beth was raised in Catholic Faith, and grew up right around the corner from Saint Patrick’s Church.

An Executive Secretary prior to her marriage. Beth now resides in Massachusetts with her husband Charlie and their three daughters Allison, Alexandria and Olivia. Her first book was born when she caught her youngest daughter Olivia under the window shade one night. When asked what she was doing, she replied, “Saying goodnight to God.” When laughing with the Priest at her daughter’s Catholic School about the incident, Father Bob said “There is a book in the making.”

About The Illustrator

Helena Bebirian is of first generation Armenian heritage. Her culture prides her with a vast love of many arts and cultures.

Helena began her passion of art doodling as a child, winning local awards for her work, as well as in her handwriting. She is a colorist, where she splashes much color on a canvas, and a creative formation comes out of her work. Colorful, innocent and yet with a vivid imagination, Helena brings out the sweetness and innocence of illustrating children’s books.

Helena feels that we should put forth and search our inner spirituality and all regress back to our childhood to bring back the sweetness and innocence of our children.

Helena stated, “Our children are of beauty, innocence and love, and may that always be contagious.” Especially in this children's book, we can all somehow relate back into our faith and feel the love we have for and from God.