The Fifteenth Crimson Lily

About the Book

THE FIFTEENTH CRIMSON LILY brings a true story that happened in Italy at the turn of the Twentieth Century and transforms it into a more modern American urban setting.

It is the story of an eleven year old girl who, from an early age, has maintained a closeness to Jesus and reflects this love of God in her actions toward others on a daily basis. She is admired by many, including a neighbor, a nineteen year Nationally-known football college quarterback who is home for the summer.

He begins making advances toward her, and each time he is rejected. Resenting this, he persists, trying to seduce her with gifts and promises of a richer, happier life if she will succumb to his evil intentions. She maintains a child-like faith in God and a willingness to keep His Commandments while he is intent on satisfying his own selfish desires at any cost.

Then, tragedy strikes, changing the course of many lives for an extended period of time, but through this girl’s faith in Jesus, she demonstrates how love and true forgiveness eclipses hate and how God will ultimately triumph over evil, transforming a life of sin into one of service to His will.