Note taking tips for students

The activity of note taking is a skill that can assist the students well on their schoolwork. Taking good notes is essential for success in college. Taking poor notes can have a real impact on the grades. While listening for a seminar or guest lecture, it is important to write down the points that the student may want. They should attend these seminars with notebooks, pens, highlighters and small sticky notes. While listening to the teacher, it can take some experimenting to identify what information is needed.

Computers are the most effective tool for taking better notes in the class. Some professors may repeat a certain piece of information. It is a clue that may be probably important. Highlighters and stickies will help those people for effective notes while reading. It is very much important to have an approach for taking notes in class. The first thing is to be sure that you are sitting in a place where you can hear the speaker clearly. Also the student should ensure there are no distractions that will prevent them from focusing on class. All of the note taking materials should be easily accessible.

Once class has begun, you will need to recognize what to write down. If any things the professor puts on the whiteboard, that information may be important for including in the notes. If there may be any facts like names or important dates, it should be included. The students will not be afraid of asking the teacher to repeat something they miss during lecture. It is also effective when notes are written in phrases rather than whole sentences. To save an immense amount of time when taking class notes, abbreviations may be used.

There will be a lot more reading in college than ever before. The notes may be written on hurry, so the students may want to recopy those notes. While re-copying, students should organize the notes. So they can easily find anything. Those things may be expected to refer back for discussions, exams and essays. For this reason, reading notes is also important. There are three methods for taking notes while reading. They are highlighting important passages, leaving small sticky notes on important pages, writing down main ideas in the notebook. Notes are useless if they canít use them in the right situation. Therefore it is essential to organize everything. Students should keep all of their class and reading notes for altogether.