Trampoline Angel Annie and The Visit To Heaven

About the Book

Three sisters jump on the trampoline in their backyard and a gust of wind takes them up to Heaven. It is there they meet Angel Annie who gives them a magical tour through heaven. At first they ride on the backs of magical unicorns and soon get fitted for their own ‘Angel Wings’ made from dove’s feathers. They are then taken to see ‘Noah’s Ark Angels’ where all types of animals go home with angels who care for them. The girls see Daisy, their own dog who died on Earth, with wings, too. Angel Annie then takes them to the ‘Big A Party Room’. They witness a spectacular party where lots of angels are celebrating their anniversary of arriving in Heaven.

There are angels dancing in a Conga line, little girl angels having tea parties with teddy bears and boy angels skating in and out of the activities. The cake, of course, is Angel Food Cake! As they continue on their tour, they see some angels throwing pennies in the ‘Pennies From Heaven’ Wishing Well. It is explained that this is how the angels say hello to a loved one on Earth. They then travel to ‘Mother Nature’s Park’ where they slide on rainbows painted by angels. ‘Thunder and Lightning Alley’ is their next stop.

Angel Annie explains that storms on Earth are actually angels bowling strikes and having their pictures taken, which is why we hear thunder and see lightning. The girls are sad to say goodbye to Angel Annie but she lays her hand on their hearts and says she will be with them always in spirit. They then fall gently back on the trampoline and tell their story to all.

About the Author

Trampoline Angel Annie was written after the tragic death of my 6 year old niece, Annie McGann Cumpston, who was killed while crossing the street after leaving the circus with her family in Baltimore, MD in March, 2003. While grieving for Annie, I had visions of what Heaven would be like and went on to write this book. The story explains to Annie’s young sisters and to my own small son and daughter as to where Annie went. This book will continue to be donated to families who have lost a loved one along with my other book, An Angel’s Embrace – A Journey Through Grief and Recovery, which can be purchased through my website:

Pictures were taken of Annie’s sisters, my own children, other nieces, Annie’s pet dog and combined them with computer graphics to create the illustrations.