What is my moon sign?

Astrology is a big field and if you have ever read about or tried to learn about this field then you have a better idea that how complex this field is. The whole astrology rotates around moon and its dates and moon signs. These moon signs are determined according to moon dates. It was nothing but a shocking situation for me because today we are living in information technology world where ever thing is interconnected with each other.

So I asked that lady has she ever tried to find out her moon sign or not and she replied no I never tried to know what is my moon sign. Then I told her a very simple way to find her moon sign. I told her that she must go out and find a newspaper then she should find astrology section on that paper. In astrology section she can match her date of birth with moon sign dates and which ever date is matched will be under a moon sign category and that will be your moon sign. She came to me next day and said thanks now I know what is my moon sign? These are common practice things for an astrologist because an astrologist has to deal with many such things in a day. People come and ask many strange and interesting questions and that is why I call it an interesting field.