The Fix: Story of Corruption in a Soccer Game


If you are a person who loves to read enthralling, captivating and spellbinding story of crime in sports, then there is no better book than The Fix. This book talks about corruption in sports and is the story of a sports journalist who sets himself on a search to find about match fixing in professional soccer game.

If you are able to know how match fixers work out to corrupt a game, you will also know that the same could happen in a basketball league or a tennis match or a cricket tournament or a football league tournament. Now, the author of the book The Fix never feels like watching professional soccer and instead prefers to watch a game between amateur teams. He says that people reading the book will also feel the same and that you will never look at the sport in the way that you do now.

Author Details

Declan Hill, the author of The Fix, is an academic and an investigative journalist who is renowned for handling organized crime and international issues. In the last few years, he has proved his mettle by completing documentaries on racial refinement in Iraq, blood battles in Kosovo, killing of the Canadian mafia head and won awards for completing documentaries like the journalist's murder in the Philippines and honor killings in Turkey. He has also received a doctorate for his research on the match fixing in professional soccer and also was a Chevening scholar at Green College, University of Oxford.