About The Book

This book highlights Stuart’s twenty-plus years working as an Informational Technology employee within the telecommunications industry. When Stuart started in 1983 for AT&T in New Jersey, he was working for a company that valued his career development. At the time of receiving his MBA at the University of Colorado (1993), Stuart realized that companies had a different mindset. This corporate mentality was to complete projects with very little regard for strengthening and developing IT professionals.

Since Stuart believes that there is a lack of concern for a career by a good number of managers in the IT field, he has given the reader his insights into career development. Stuart divides the IT professional by years of experience: rookie, junior, and senior. Hopefully, the reader will gain some insights based on the advice and ongoing discussions that get generated. Additionally, Stuart has given the reader opportunities to express his/her opinions through feedback and completing a survey. This self-help will be therapeutic to help start or rebound a career.

About The Author

Stuart Klugler M.B.A. started his AT&T career in Piscataway, New Jersey, and relocated to Colorado in 1988. Mr. Klugler now teaches at a technical college. He also spends his time aiding Deaf athletes, which included coaching the USA Deaf Pan-Am Basketball Team (winning gold) in Havana, Cuba. The author will be happy to attend conferences or even participate in conference calls.