Jemiah Jefferson's Voice of the Blood

by Monica J. O'Rourke

Jemiah Jefferson's Voice of the Blood

Seemingly from out of nowhere comes this new voice, author Jemiah Jefferson, who materialized on the writing front with a fresh, compelling story, rife with elegant prose and rich, memorable characters.

Yes, it's a vampire novel, which seem remarkably easy to find these days. It seems that every writer has at least one vampire tale tucked away in his or her psyche. The trick is finding that unique voice, the twist that makes this hoary idea sing.

Sing it does. Ariane Dempsey is a remarkable woman - strong, independent, a woman who knows her mind and her heart. Fiance John is a rather bland professor type who Ariane feels comfortable with, perhaps has settled too easily with. Then she meets Orfeo Ricari - in a most unforgettable way - a vampire who wants nothing more than death, finally, who has suffered the curse of immortality and no longer wants any part of it.

VOICE OF THE BLOOD has a slow start. It isn't until we are introduced to wildly charming Daniel Blum and his equally engaging followers that the novel hits its stride. While being introduced to Ricari, the book seemingly follows the usual vampire patterns. But once it finds its pace, the result is a meaty, fleshed-out story.

Although satisfying, the ending leaves us yearning for more. And the way this story ends, you just know Ms. Jefferson is working on the sequel.